Things to do around Chumphon.

A crossroads to the south of Thailand and beyond, Chumphon offers a huge range of touristic opportunities from day trips to longer excursions.

Chumphon is a busy transport hub en route to Ko Tao or west to Ranong and Phuket. Around 500km south of Bangkok, Chumphon is where Southern Thailand begins and you'll begin to see mosques and start to hear different dialects.

Activites on Thung Wua Laen.

Thung Wua Laen beach is very popular amoung Kite Boarders and Wind Surfers. The beach itself is very long with beautiful white sands and clean water.

Scuba diving trips are available to visit Chumphon Pinnacle, one of the best dive sites in the Gulf. Snorkelling kit is also available. Scooters are avaiable for rent to enable you to get out and about in the local landscape.

Koh Tao & Gulf of Thailand.

Visiting Koh Tao and the Gulf of Thailand could not be more convenient from Chumphon. Lompraya offers a High Speed Catamaran service several times a day or there's a Night Ferry avaiable from Pak Nam Pier.

Once on Koh Tao you can appreciate some of the cheapest and most beautiful diving in Thailand. You can also learn Thai Boxing, go Sailing, Swimming and Rock climbing.

Ranong & the Andaman Sea.

Ranong is a lovely little town just 3 hours from Chumphon on the opposite (west) coast. Backed by lush rainforest, the town sits on the River Kra forming the geographical border with Myanmar. Getting off the beaten track here and exploring the hills, waterfalls, hotsprings and Islands make fantastic excursions.

You can also extend your Tourist Visa here by entering Myanmar.